Planter Drain Off

Patio and Wooden Deck Saver also helps eliminate West Nile virus!

How It Works!...

Keep your PATIO and wood deck DRY and stain free … Drip water drains off to a flower bed or yard area.

Place DRAIN-OFF drip tray under each planter. The planter sits on top of the drip tray so it is hidden underneath.

When in use the drain tube will face to the back and then cut to length … Click on ( Gallery ) at the top of this page to view more ways to use.

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Get a Pack of "4" Drip Trays for just $28.95!

  • Includes (2) 8 inch DRAIN-OFF drip trays with drain tubes
  • Includes (2) 10 inch DRAIN-OFF drip trays with drain tubes
  • Drip tray holds 175 pounds of weight … Mold injected polyurethane
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"Be proud to show off your patio or wood deck. Stop ugly drip water stains and wooden deck rot..."